In a judgement dated 12 May 1998, the district court Hamburg passed a ruling to the effect that when a link is included on a web page, the contents of this linked page also lies within the responsibility of the person creating this link. According to the district court, this ruling can only be circumcised by the perpetrator of the link declaring his independence from the contents of this link from the outset. I have placed links on different pages of this home page to other web pages in Internet. For all these links I like to make the following statement: I do not have any influence on the organisation and/or contents of any of the linked pages on this web page. Furthermore I would like to stress the fact that I completely reject any responsibility for the contents of all linked web pages to this home page and further do not necessarily share the same point of view as shown in these linked web pages. This statement is declared valid for all links placed on this web site, as well as for any web pages connected to this web page through the Internet web and/or through any visitor book entries.

Leeuwarden, September 13th, 2011.

Dr. Elmar C. Fuchs, webmaster