The Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo was founded over 300 years ago by Muso Gonnosuke. He combined the most important techniques of Kenjutsu (swordsmanship), Sojutsu (the art of the spear) and naginatajutsu (the art of the halberd) and used for this purpose a wooden stick approximately 128 cm long and a diameter of 2,4 cm. The strategic and techniques of the school where very difficult to master and teaching happened for many years secretly. Practicing Jodo has many positive sides. That is why they decided in Japan, under supervision of the 25th grand master Takaji Shimizi Dai Sensei, to make Jodo more accessible for more people. The original system contained 64 kata (forms) and 12 (base techniques). From this a system was developed consisting of 12 kata and 12 kihon, which expressed the fundamental principles of the school. This matter is called the Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei Seitei Jodo Kata. These kata were, after 5 years of study, formatted in 1968. When one masters these 12 kata, one can continue practicing the old (Koryu) school. The main target for hitting and trusting is the plexus solaris. After this the temples, between the eyes and on the sides (liver and gall-bladder) at the level of the navel. The movements of the Jo, when performed in series, are very effective against attacks with for instance a sword. One peculiar detail of Jodo is the speed and high frequency by which a Jo is being used. This is possible because a Jo has no beginning and no end, thus enabling many combinations.


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