Iaido is the technique of swift and fluently drawing of the sword followed by a direct attack. Iaido consists of the following elements: Nukitsuke, the drawing of the sword, immediately followed by a cut; Kiritsuke, the dictly following strike, cut or stab; Chiburi, assuming the opponent is down the swordblade is shaken free of blood; and Noto, the reinserting of the sword in its scabbard. All movements are to be executed in a most fluent, clear an resolute manner. Techniques includes fast reactions to attacks from the front, back and sides by one or more opponents and from a sitting as well from a standing position. The execution is characterized by concentration and a continuing vigilance (Zanshin). Even though there is no real opponent, while executing Iaido techniques one has to create an opponent in one's mind and to imagine a threat as realistic as possible. If not, Iaido is reduced to a series of meaningless movements.


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